Ayurveda Wellness Center Mount Abu, India

Sun Cottages Tarrif for different packages

Program / PackageNightsRoom typeSingle occupancyDouble occupancy
WellnessModern life can be hectic and too demanding, both physically and mentally. If you feel too stressed out, This is the perfect getaway for you. Total 4 wellness treatments per person included in this package – 2 Abhyangam + 2 Champi / foot massage2Standard1700022500
Spine rejuvenation / Back StrengtheningWhen you have back pain that won’t go away, you will find relief with a spinal rejuvenation program. This group of treatments includes alternative therapies. Total 10 wellness treatments per person are included in this package – 5 Abhyangam+ Pottali massages & 5 Kati Vasti5Standard4750054000
Sleep enhancementLack of proper sleep is the root cause of 90% of lifestyle diseases like BP, Hear problems, diabetes, etc…. This program is the perfect blend of age-old technics to correct the biological clock. 7Standard7000077000
Panchakarma Detox TreatmentsIndia is among the top 5 countries when it comes to lifestyle disorders. India has the highest number of diabetic, cancer & and high blood pressure patients. We can prevent Lifestyle Disorders through the Ayurveda Regimen which includes dincharya (Daily Routines), and Panchakarma therapy. 14Standard140000147000
Relive Body painBody aches are a common symptom of many conditions. Aches can also be caused by your everyday life, especially if you stand, walk, or exercise for long periods of time. But due to current lifestyle, 65% of body aches are due to Stress, Dehydration & lack of sleep. This program addresses all these issues. Total 10 wellness treatments per person included in this package – 5 Pottali massage & 5 Bath therapies 5Standard4750054000
Stress Management Packageour holistic stress management approach will help you create balance and peace within your own mind, body, and spirit. Get into a deep state of relaxation, reduce tension and stress with programs like meditation & Yoga and get back to feeling good. This package of myriad of services is ideal for busy individuals who want to feel rejuvenated and restored. 5Standard5000057000
Natural Healing ProgramWe believe that our health is the foundation for our happiness. Therefore, our natural healing program comprises a wide range of holistic, alternative treatments that will combat the effects of stress, and restore vitality. 3Standard3000037000
Weight Management ProgramThis ayurvedic program is the best way to lose weight quickly and naturally. Our unique programs are designed to subdue both your appetite and your cravings while boosting your metabolism and energy levels. You will quickly shed excess pounds and inches in just a few weeks and feel more energetic and healthy than ever before.7Standard7000077000
  • The tariff is on a nightly basis and inclusive of accommodation, meals (as per diet by Dr), consultations, and regular treatment charges. A few personal and special treatments, however, are on chargeable basis.
  • Wellness consultation, Diet consultation , yoga, meditation & Yoga Nidra will be complimentary.
  • Personal Yoga, Meditation will be charges extra.
  • We at Sun Ayurveda & Naturopathy strictly follow Digital Detox.
  • Apart from this, we make personalized packages for Panchakarma or body detox, Stress management, Hormonal Disorders & all lifestyle diseases