Ayurveda Wellness Center Mount Abu, India

Panchakarma Detox Treatments

Ayurveda has given the world a considerable measure of things. These things have changed the way individuals live and they have made the progress from a world loaded with ailments to the world perfectly fit and healthy.

Panchakarma is the ultimate Ayurvedic detoxification of body and mind. It also strengthens the immune system to restore health and well-being. It is a compendium of therapies that are highly individualized based on the Ayurvedic constitution type (Prakriti), imbalances (if any), digestive fire, age, immune status, health conditions & many other factors. Depending on an individual’s needs all or part of five therapies are utilized.

Apart from providing curative line of treatment, Ayurveda Panchakarma therapies help in promotion of health & wellness and prevention of diseases, which is beneficial for both diseased and healthy.


Who can take Panchakarma Detox Treatment?

Ayurveda Panchakarma detox is used for health & wellness. Even the people without any chronic illnesses can go through panchakarma detox treatment for general well-being.

– Feel tired all the time due to stress, poor blood and lymph circulation.
– Eating unhealthy & lack of sleep.
– Addicted to drugs, tobacco or alcohol
– Taking medicines for a long period.
– Suffering from ailments such as constipation, rheumatism, chronic problems, arthritis etc.


How will you get benefit from Panchakarma Detox Treatment?

– Removal of toxins helps in restoring natural biochemistry.
– Improved metabolism helps in Prana body to stay energetic.-
– Removal of Lactic Acid from the muscles and joints through regular massages.
– Helps in Hormonal balance.