Ayurveda Wellness Center Mount Abu, India



Bamboo House

Every Bamboo House is built on 315 square feet area & is enclosed with a private place outside. They are made especially to enjoy sunset view, cottages are equipped with all wooden and bamboo piped interiors.


Mud House

In the lap of nature, in the middle of a resort each Mud House provide you perfect round room with typical hot roofs. The round rooms of the mud house are best enjoyed as the interior and designing of the room is inspired by village kothi’s .


Hollywood Cottage

Every Hollywood Cottage is built on 275 square feet area and offer elegantly furnished rooms with a contemporary decor. Hollywood cottages are very spacious.



Wooden Cottage

Wooden Cottage is built on 320 square feet area & is enclosed with a private balcony.You are refreshed with the breath-taking view of garden.



Sun Suite

Sun Suite is built on 910 square feet area with the most luxurious and spacious room in the Wellness Centre. They are well furnished rooms, with a beautiful wake up view.